My new track project for Grand Prix Legends : "Montlhéry66".

Crossing through a military camp and including a banking several layouts was used for F3, F2 and GT Sportcar races.
Montlhéry is a very fast track , in the same spirit than Monza. Aspiration played a big part there but the military part of the track is a big challenge too.
One of the fastest track along F2 season at that time.

In 1966, Montlhéry was used for a F2 race where the best Formula one drivers were there at the start.

You can see the full result on the following Url :

As Michel Needforspeed say :
" 1966 year would present another new feature in track history : At the end of August a second chicane was just completed.
Competitors would stay in pack more longer, and these esses were praised for their selectiveness.

Together with a new concrete on the banking, it's a "refurbished" Montlhéry that welcomed another Trophée de France F2 round with drivers like Brabham, Clark, Hill, Stewart. Strangely enough, it was the last time F2 cars would race there.

On its last years, mainly the 80 s and 90 s Montlhéry was the home of many successful historical races, in the same spirit of Goodwood.

It has been decided Monthlery, a mythic 80 years old track for Paris people, would be destroyed, and an historic race held just the 03 october 2004 was the last one. There is still a petition on the air. You can sign against that stupid bloody thing !

So, no Montlhéry is not dead ! At least, thanks to GPL, you can now try to participate to its revival, by driving there ! "


Brabham Honda BT21
Schlesser Matra MS5
Baghetti Cooper BRM T82
Offenstadt Lotus 44
Brabham GP F2 1966
Rees Brabham BT18


Grand Prix Legends version


You will find more in the readme file.

Like for my another tracks I've spent a lot of time to finish this project and to permit to all the GPL community to discover this track.
wouldn't want to see any addons for this track or changes made without my permission.

Thanks in advance.

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Version 1.0 : 24/10/2004 First version.

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