My third track project for Grand Prix Legends : "Albi67".

Albi is a very fast track , in the same spirit than Monza. Aspiration played a big part there, with a long straight line.
The average lap speed reached near 180 km/h, one of the fastest track along F2 season at that time.

Albi was already a classic entry for F2 cars, since 1960 completing of Sequestre track.
In 1967, Albi wasn't an entry for The first European Championship, but the best Formula one drivers, wouldn't have miss it,
as earnings prices were high, with big starting primes.

Albi was included in the Trophées de France classification for formula 2 cars, after Pau, Rouen and Reims that year.
Oil company and tyres manufacturers were very involved in prices, and BP was a big sponsor for Albi.

The starting grid

After qualifiying, the 1967 race starting grid was (pole position on right) :

Rindt (Brabham) 1'13''8 - Clark (Lotus) 1'13''7 - Stewart (Matra) 1'13''2
Rees (Brabham) 1'14''1 - Brabham (Brabham) 1'13''9
Widdows (Brabham) 1'14''9 - Irwin (Lola) 1'14''7 - Beltoise (Matra) 1'14''4
Servoz-Gavin (Matra) 1'14''9 - Ickx (Matra) 1'14''9
Gardner (Brabham) 1'15''5 - Redman (Lola) 1'15''1 - Courage (McLaren) 1'15''1
Schlesser (Matra) 1'15''7 - Hill (Lotus) 1'15''6
Rollinson (McLaren) 1'16''1 - Lambert (Brabham) 1'16''0 - Oliver (Lotu
s) 1'16''0
Hahne (Lola) 1'16''3 - De Adamich (Lola) 1'16''2
Siffert (Lola) 1'16''6

The race

Start done and Rindt (Winkelmann) goes ahead, but Stewart (Tyrrellracing) stay on his wheels, then Clark (Team Lotus), Widdows (Witley racing syndicate), Brabham (Mrd), Rees (Winkelmann), Irwin (Lola racing), Beltoise(Matra sports), Gardner (Mrd), etc...

Easily and quickly, Rindt and Stewart get a comfortable advance, cause both Clark and Brabham, who finally overlap Widdows, had engine problems. Beltoise is fighting to get off them, he will overlap Widdows soon.
Rees, Adamich, Gardner left the race. Rollinson make the first of many stops to put water.
On fifht lap, Clark is spinning under Dunlop bridge, he fight hard but never see leaders again. Brabham left, then Lambert.

After one third race lenght, positions are : Stewart and Rindt, alones ahead, who simultaneously take the lead, behind them Beltoise, Clark tandem. The latter is nearly behind his wheels, but he is conscious that he can't reach the leader. Beltoise and clark will help each other.
Irwin is five then come 4 cars : Courage, Ickx (Tyrrel racing), Servoz-Gavin (Matra sports), Widdows.
Redman and Oliver are fighting, but at a certain distance from the four above, leading Joe Schlesser (Ford France) and Graham Hill (Team Lotus) whose engines lack of horsepower. Both Siffert and Hubert Hahne (Lola BMW) have been already overlapped by leaders.
Then we register The left of Oliver, Siffert and Hill, the off road of Widdows (who lost his shifter !). Courage stops in the pits.

After two third from the start, this is Stewart who's alone ahead ! Rindt has been disturbed while overlapping Schlesser, and his car has not sufficient maximum speed to keep contact with Stewart. Clark, slowly but surely, get a little advance on Beltoise.
After a beautiful race, Ickx has overlapped Irwin fot the fifth. The latter, Servoz-Gavin, Redman and Schlesser will be overlapped soon by Stewart. The 58 lap will see pit stop from the two Matra work team (Beltoise and Servoz-Gavin). After several laps there, they will start again.

Now, position won't change anymore and classification is : Stewart, Rindt, Clark, Ickx, Irwin, Redman.

You can see the full result on the following Url :

Final classification for Trophées de France

Roy Winkelmann Racing (Rindt, Rees) 33 pts
Team Lotus (Clark, Hill, Oliver)16 pts
Tyrrell Racing (Stewart, Ickx) 14 pts
Motor Racing Development (Brabham, Hulme, Gardner) 8 pts
Team Lola (Surtees, De Adamich, Irwin) 6 pts
McLaren Racing (McLaren) 6 pts
Ford France (Schlesser) 4 pts


1966 F2 - Start
1967 F2 - Start, Stewart and Rindt
1968 F3 - Rajol
1967 F2 - Siffert and Hahne
1967 F2 - Clark
1968 F3 - Cevert and Jabouille


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